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Finding your dream home in Singapore is only half the job, having the money in your bank account or getting a housing loan in Singapore is what will get you the house. Home loans are not a gift and you would have to pay them back with interest asides some other bank fees.

Deciding on a home loan in Singapore can be difficult with so many complex terminologies that you may find to understand. It is even more difficult when you are trying to figure it out on your own. Savvy Home Loans Singapore is more than just a mortgage loan agent. We avail you to a wide range of the best home loans from Singapore’s top banks and help you find the best rates that work with your current financial situation.

Choosing the best Home Loan for you

Home loans are relatively easy to come by in Singapore. The difficult part is navigating the complications of the different home loan interest rates from websites and brochures. How much you pay back on your housing loan is dependent on a lot of factors. However, interest rates on your housing loan will determine how comfortable your financial life is after you buy your dream home.

Depending on which mortgage loan provider you are working with, you will have the option to choose from a fixed, variable or board interest rate. Fixed interest rates do not change along with economic conditions and thus are the safest for you. Variable rates change with the economic situations of the real estate market.

Why Choose Us?

Savvy Home Loans Singapore helps you simplify the process of securing a home loan in Singapore. We help you compare home loan interest rates and find what works best for you. Our mortgage advisors will assist you with comprehensive home loan comparison in Singapore and all the planning and preparations that you may need for getting your housing loan approved.

Having more choices means you are able to make much better buying decisions. Whether you are trying to get a home loan for your first house or a refinance home loan for your existing home, we do all the hard work for you at a smaller commission than most real estate agents charge. No need to bother with so much paperwork or confusing documents, we will give you the confidence that you are taking the best possible home loan package for you.

Your Search Starts for the Perfect Home Now!

With Savvy Home Loans Singapore, searching for your dream home is going to be a breeze. With many helpful tools and mortgage consultants available to you, call us today for a free consultation. We get you better deals than even banks offer to their clients.

Let us help you with your home loan in Singapore from start to finish today. Call us on +65 9619 2300 or send an email to enquiry@savvyloans.sg and one of our mortgage specialists will work with you till everything is settled.

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“I had a good experience with Savvy Home Loan Services. I am thankful for the help you guys gave me. I saved a few hundred monthly due to your services. Thank you!”

Donnie Goh

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“They were experts and managed to tie up some comparison for refinancing my home loan, I ended up saving a lot of interest from engaging their services.”

Marcus Goh

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